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June 9, 2006

Part II – detailed response to Steve Hays

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Steve Hays has come out with another reply to my response to his first reaction.

A lot of my arguments have either been entirely ignored or discussed briefly. Worse, as before, Hays often misreads and constructs a series of straw man arguments. I will provide examples of these as I proceed with my analysis of his comments. Moreover, as before, he maintains his arrogant, condescending and rude tone, something which I will try to avoid as much as possible.

Whatever I say about the Quran is immediately tossed aside with one or two liners. Hays is obviously not interested in an honest discussion where the purpose of the correspondents is to fairly assess the evidence in order to arrive at the truth. As a result, I will subject the Bible to the same treatment just to show how easily it can be “refuted” in a similar manner by someone who has already made up his/her mind.



May 24, 2006

Response to Steve Hays reaction

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Howdy everyone!

In response to my response, a Christian apologist, Steve Hays, has also offerred a short reply which is to be found here and here. As you will notice, right from the outset Mr. Hays maintains a patronizing and arrogant tone towards me throughout his brief reply. Needless to say, such an attitude is hardly conducive for a civil and sober discussion/dialogue. Nonetheless, I will try to reply in a civil manner, though I make no promises.

As usual, my original statements will follow “>” whereas Mr. Hays’ reply will be in italics.


Addressing some of Tony Costa’s erroneous comments

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Hello folks

James White on the Dividing line 9/05/06 gave a talk in which he gave his view of his debate with Shabir Ally. The Christian apologist Tony Costa – who has also debated Shabir Ally in the past – called in and offered some of his comments on the debate as well. I am concerned with a particular statement Costa made about Shabir Ally’s debate with the notorious Christian polemicist Robert Morey. Costa tried to give the impression as if Shabir Ally did poorly and refused to have further debates with Robert Morey. This is what Costa said:


May 9, 2006

James White on Omar Bakri

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James White is an evangelical Christian apologist, polemicist, author of numerous books and a well-known articulate debator. His latest hobby, unfortunately is Islam bashing, available here in his blog.

Besides a few responses to his comments at, no Muslim, as far as I know, has responded to his tirades. After reading some of the things that White has to say about Islam and Muslims, I decided to address some of his polemics. This will be my first response to White. More will be published in the coming months Inshallah. I hope that other Muslims also check out White's polemics against Islam and submit responses.


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