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May 24, 2006

Rambo Part II – the second strike: A Reply to Patrick Chan’s “Rambo, drawing first blood”

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Some time ago I posted my reply to Patrick which is to be found here.

Patrick recently replied to this response of mine in a blog entry entitled: “Rambo, drawing first blood”

Besides Patrick, Mr. Steven Hays has also offered a brief reply to my thoughts. Another reply was offered by Chris in the comments section of Patrick’s earlier paper. Chris’ reply was quite complimentary and he did not really disagree with much of what I had to say and, in fact, largely agreed with me. Let me quote a part of Chris’ reaction:


Response to Steve Hays reaction

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Howdy everyone!

In response to my response, a Christian apologist, Steve Hays, has also offerred a short reply which is to be found here and here. As you will notice, right from the outset Mr. Hays maintains a patronizing and arrogant tone towards me throughout his brief reply. Needless to say, such an attitude is hardly conducive for a civil and sober discussion/dialogue. Nonetheless, I will try to reply in a civil manner, though I make no promises.

As usual, my original statements will follow “>” whereas Mr. Hays’ reply will be in italics.


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